What is Ultimatix TCS?

Every firm has its own ERP portal for automating so on and employee related services such as salary, timesheet, HR solutions that are related.  Small businesses can buy services from other organization as employee count is less for them. 

TCS is enormous organization growing and having 3,87,000 workers.  To deal with all employee they have to put up system.  Http://Ultimatix.net in tcs serves the identical purpose.  Ultimatix is site for satisfying employee services, official TCS portal.TCS provides IT Business Solutions, services, and Outsourcing. 

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To manage such a great number of worker base an ERP portal tool has been launched by TCS.  It can manage the whole system of employee management.  Ultimatix is your TCS portal site for all its worker.  It has proven its value.TCS Ultimatix is an Enterprise Resource Planning portal site for the employees of TCS.

It provides a excellent means to manage and automate solutions such as Salary Management, Timesheet, HR services etc..

Tata Consultancy Services is the Indian Multinational IT Service services firm.Features of Ultimatix TCS

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(1) Workers may fulfill their timesheet and particulars of work they completed for daily.
(2) Workers can place leaves; Supervisors can approve or refuse it through abandon management system.
(3) You can get advice of any person working in business like where project he's working, his supervisor, mobile no., email etc..
(4) You may download all of your salary slides via tcs ultimatix.
(5) You may download important documents such as bonafide letter, linking letter, appointment letter (6) You are able to assess the opportunities out there for you in your business.
(7) Performance management can be used for managing salary increase and marketing.
(8) Company's social networking could be integrated here to connect people and discuss ideas, light moments, ideas.
(9) You can manage your Voluntary Provident finance, PF, all distinct alterations through ERP portalsite.
(10) You can connect to your HR or other people for any aid within company.


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